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Hello! I’m Priyanka, a full-time homemaker, from Singapore. First and foremost, thank you and welcome to Vittles Bites. I love to cook good food and want to share them with good people. I am a true food lover. For me, food should be healthy and homemade and that’s why every single day I try out new recipes whether it is starters, main course or desserts. I always prefer to cook with colorful vegetables and a tantalizing aroma of spices

About Blog………

As an Indian, I love all kinds of traditional Indian food. Singapore is a multicultural population so it is easy to grab all kinds of popular Indian foods but I am missing the essence of traditional Indian homemade food which is very delicate, different and delicious. As a food lover, I have affection towards Singapore’s local food. Singapore has lots of local food courts where they are selling many mouth-watering delicacies. Vittles Bites give you all kinds of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine, photos, interesting food art. I assure you my upcoming recipes will give you a pleasant journey to Vittles Bites. You can visit my youtube channel and check out all the recipe Videos.

Love Vittles Bites 🙂

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